Querying on Child Count With NHibernate

This is a recent question raised in NHibernate Users Group. The user wanted to realize the following query with Criteria api.

var result = db.Person.Where(x => x.Pets.Count > 0 && x.Alive).OrderBy(x => x.Name);

This is not a simple query, but it has a solution

DetachedCriteria crit = DetachedCriteria.For(typeof (Person), "p2")
    .Add(Restrictions.EqProperty("p.Id", "p2.Id"))

ICriteria c = s.CreateCriteria(typeof (Person), "p")
    .Add(Restrictions.Gt(Projections.SubQuery(crit), 0))

What we had to do is to create a DetachedCriteria and on that execute CreateCriteria so that we can do querying on our collection.

The other way is simpler, but requires you to use HQL (below query is provided by Fabio Maulo)

session.CreateQuery("from Person p where  size(p.Pets) > 0 and p.Visible = true order by p.Name")


session.CreateQuery("from Person p where  p.Pets.size > 0 and p.Visible = true order by p.Name")

I hope this helps.

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Posted 07-10-2009 2:23 AM by Tuna Toksoz
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DotNetShoutout wrote Querying on Child Count With NHibernate - Tuna Toksoz - Devlicio.us
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Hudson Akridge wrote re: Querying on Child Count With NHibernate
on 07-10-2009 10:44 AM

Glad to know that there's not an easier way to do it. That's pretty much how we're doing it currently in our SearchBuilder which is a client friendly interface for building criteria searches based on their custom business domain.

Eventually, we'll be swapping that to be an HQL backed system, instead of Criteria, but until then...detached criterias!! :)

ANaimi wrote re: Querying on Child Count With NHibernate
on 07-10-2009 9:20 PM

Hello Toksoz,

I seriously don't see the advantage of using NHibernate rather than other ORMs (despite the big advantage of supporting several RDBMs.)

I spent the first half of today and the whole day yesterday trying to replace LINQ2SQL of my current project to NHibernate. And let me say: It. Was. Hell.

The first method you presented seems way too complicated (relative to the LINQ method), and the second is not semantically safe.

I will be using NHibernate once LINQ support is mature enough (and from my experience in the last hours, it is not nearly usable).


Tuna Toksoz wrote re: Querying on Child Count With NHibernate
on 07-11-2009 5:08 AM

If you're only considering the querying aspect of an ORM, you're free to use L2S. I don't like my entities being inherited from a base class, and i don't like my db driving my domain. Needless to say, I don't like the xml it creates :)

There are many other factors in favor of NH, integrated cache, contrib, many many extension points (take a look around, you'll see many).

One  last reason is I am a committer, and i have emotional ties to it :)

Tuna Toksoz wrote re: Querying on Child Count With NHibernate
on 07-11-2009 5:11 AM


You can call my by my first name, last name is too formal

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