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Knoxville takes part in the Ann Arbor Give Camp

This past weekend Knoxville took part in the Ann Arbor Give Camp thanks to Nathan Blevins.  Nathan organized a team of developers (and one designer!) in Knoxville with Ben Farmer, Jenny Farmer, Dylan Wolf, and Joe Simpson.  The team assisted in two projects for the give camp: Wonder Puzzle and Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.

Josh Holmes will post more details on Wonder Puzzle, but the idea for the site is simple: make it easier for parents of children with undiagnosed medical problems.  If a child has a diagnosed illness, there are support groups for that illness a parent can turn to, but the parents of an undiagnosed child can find themselves isolated.  To help Wonder Puzzle the Knoxville team updated their site's design and moved the content management to Sitefinity.

Knoxville (through Dylan) was able to assist in the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum project by providing some PHP support.  The museum's goal is to inspire people to discover the wonders of science, math and technology.  I wish I had more info on what this project was, but I'm sure details will be posted on Michael Eaton's or Jennifer Marsman's blog shortly.

I confess I really hated missing out on the give camp (I was on the road driving back from my speaking tour).  Not because I'm an awesome, caring guy who loves to give back to the community, but because I could have hung out with my peers and wrote code all weekend; charity is a bonus.  I'm glad to see the give camp team isn't stopping to rest and has formed a group to setup future give camps.  Nathan is part of this team, so I know I'll be a part of the many give camps to come!

Posted 07-15-2008 7:25 PM by Michael C. Neel
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SRT Insights wrote Ann Arbor Give Camp Developers: Half a Million Dollars to Charities
on 07-15-2008 11:13 PM

Ann Arbor Give Camp started with Jennifer Marsman , of Microsoft, wanting to organize an event to pull

Jennifer Marsman : Ann Arbor Give Camp wrote Jennifer Marsman : Ann Arbor Give Camp
on 07-15-2008 11:21 PM

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