Xbox Indies: Come Play With Us

When I last posted on Xbox Live Indie Games, things looked pretty dire.  In the weeks since, the #SaveXBLIG rally has been a success – we got Microsoft’s attention and the Indie Games section was moved back to the Games section on the Xbox Dashboard, right along side the publisher distributed games.  Microsoft also has put Dave Mitchell in the role of temporary community manager .

Dave started out by posing a thread and opening up many of the issues in my previous post for discussion.  Even topics such as Achievements and network access appear to be under consideration.  Time will tell if Microsoft is committed to improving these areas, or if it is just controlling the blaze to keep it from setting the WP7 forest aflame.  That’s not the topic of this post however...

Community XBLIG Trailer Project

I’m please to have been involved with the creation of an XBLIG Trailer!  Started on the forums by developer Super Boise, the idea is a simple one: create a short, 15 second video showing off how awesome Xbox Live Indie Games are.  This trailer can be used by anyone to help promote the channel as a whole.  There is a good portion of gamers out there who have the opinion the channel is filled with junk, but that is simply not true (the Xbox UI doesn’t do a good job of letting the cream rise).  Hopefully this trailer will get shared often and encourage some to take a second look and explore some of the 1400+ titles in the channel.


Xbox Live Indie Games Trailer


If you are interested in using the trailer, please check this thread on the XNA forums for more information.

Indie Games Winter Uprising

A video is good, but the best way to show we have great games is... to release great games!  That’s the idea behind the Indie Games Winter Uprising.  Several high profile XBLIG developers have banded together to release over a dozen games the first week of December.  If you have an Xbox, this year Santa comes early...




Stay up to date with GameMarx!

Yes, this bit is self serving, but if you are interested in staying up to date on XBLIG, and finding some of the gems both old and new, that’s exactly why I helped create GameMarx.  We plan to not only review all of the Winter Uprising titles, but also review all of the video clips in the trailer above.  Jump over, subscribe to an RSS feed, and play some great XBLIGs!

Become an XBLIG Developer

This doesn’t get said enough, but writing games has never been easier.  If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are familiar with .Net and C# – guess what, that’s all you need to get started wit XNA!  Think of how cool it would be to F5 from your laptop, running your game on the Xbox 360, hit a break point and then step though code running on the console!  Yea, you can do that! 

It’s also something you can do with your children, and it doesn’t have to mean getting them to write code.  XNA MVP George Clingerman has a great post of how he made an unforgettable birthday party experience.  The kids all drew super heroes on paper, and the awesome geek dad George is, took them and scanned them at his PC, added them to a special Xbox game made just for the party.  Imagine the fun the kids had seeing there drawings come to life – you could be that awesome geek mom or dad!

To get started, head to and check out the Xbox 360 education catalog.

Posted 11-19-2010 9:55 AM by Michael C. Neel


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