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TechEd Day 3 & 4: Bus Factor

I have a quick question for readers. What is "The Bus Factor"? If you know or you think you know please add comment.

In first excitement of the conference I was trying to attend as much sessions as possible. Yesterday I realised that it's not exactly the best way. I might write obvious thing now, so please forgive me. I decided that I'm here not only to see sessions (I can see the recordings later) but to learn, socialise and have fun. So I spent a lot of time yesterday on "ask the experts" section, exhibition. I also decided that speaker is as important as the topic. Following that I went for two Roy's sessions yesterday which gave me so much fun. Conclusion is that conference is not limited to sessions, there are other important going around.

In fact, now after four days I'm a bit tired and overloaded. My brain needs defragmenting. But let's go to sessions I found especially interesting during last two days and what is worth to be downloaded if you missed that.

Unit Testing Tips and Techniques with Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework

That was nice break and a lot of fun. Generally if you want to learn about unit testing this is the must. If you are unit testing already it can be also nice to see that. Roy put some interesting concepts about UI testing, test method naming and so on. Of course the final song is also very important. Hmm, I might suggest him publishing an album.

Continuous Integration With and Without Team System

Yet another Roy's session (yes, I'm his fan), this time about continuous integration. Yet again, if you are new in that topic that's superb place to start with. However, even quite advanced "integrators" will find that useful. I had no idea that Final Builder is so powerful. Did I mention about the song?

Domain Specific Development with Visual Studio DSL

I heard about DLS and I even tried to investigate that but I never had enough time and will. That's why this session really opened my eyes onto great new world. Stuart Kent made very nice and easy introduction into DSL. By very easy I mean that the way how he present the stuff make that pretty hardcore topic very easy. Highly recommended.

SOAP/WS-* and REST Complementary Communication Styles

That was a mind breaking session by David Chappell. I never heard about REST before. It seems to be brilliant idea for some implementations. Everyone who is working with SOA should see that.

That's all for now, it's time to go. I will publish some summary for today and for the whole conference in few days.


Posted 11-08-2007 10:26 AM by Jimmy


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