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  • I'm back and moved

    Hi all After a long break I'm back. This time I decided to go on my own and set up a new blog here . It was a privilege to be here on If there are any people that subscribed to my feed, please update your feed to
    Published 08-16-2011 11:41 AM by Jimmy
  • See you at DDD South West

    I'm heading down to Taunton this Saturday for DDD Sout West ( ) where I will have a session (see below). Pop in and say hello if you will be there. Hope to see you there.
    Published 05-20-2009 11:35 AM by Jimmy
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  • Early morning train

    Finally I have some spare time to actually sit down and write something ant even this only because I'm in the 6.48 in the morning train for London and apart of sleeping I have nothing better to do. It's been a while since my last post and I think...
    Published 05-09-2009 5:37 PM by Jimmy
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  • First Meeting

    The very first first meeting will be on 25th February 2009. Two truly great speakers kindly agreed to join us. Guy will be talking about new features in C# 4 and Paul will show live coding session with Silverlight. The meeting will be held in Royal...
    Published 01-19-2009 10:23 PM by Jimmy
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  • New User Group

    Happy New Year! Finally, after ages of talking about I did it as my New Year resolution. Just few hours ago, user group has been officially open. Herein I would like to invite all .NET geeks from Gloucester, UK area. Of course, anyone else is warmly...
    Published 01-06-2009 8:51 PM by Jimmy
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  • More About Building Community

    I’m pretty lucky that my boss understands how important the community is and supports us with that in any possible way. Last time I wrote about having some fun together, this time about something more technical. It will be over a month now since we started...
    Published 09-20-2007 4:06 PM by Jimmy
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  • My First Podcast

    Michal Grzegorzewski published my first podcast on page yesterday late night. We were talking about AJAX. Unfortunately podcast is in Polish as well as so sorry for all non Polish speaking readers. Currently we are planning to record...
    Published 03-22-2007 3:57 PM by Jimmy
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  • Joined to AJAX Control Toolkit Team

    Now I can officially say that, I joined to AJAX Control Toolkit team which I'm very proud of. A number of new challenges and things to learn are waiting for me now. I'm so excited. First thing I'm going to take is ContextMenu Extender. Kirti put short...
    Published 03-09-2007 10:56 AM by Jimmy
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  • Validator Extender back again (under a new name now)

    Welcome again in the topic. Some time ago we went through a course which gave us fully functional extender. Just to remember, the course has the four parts: Introduction – what Atlas Extender is and how to create our own validation extender, Page methods...
  • DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 4 - Registration Open

    Just want to let you know, registration for DDD4 is now open. All UK developers go quickly to avoid dissapointment :) [Link] See you there.
    Published 11-01-2006 7:30 PM by Jimmy
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