Lazy Developer

  • I'm back and moved

    Hi all After a long break I'm back. This time I decided to go on my own and set up a new blog here . It was a privilege to be here on If there are any people that subscribed to my feed, please update your feed to
    Published 08-16-2011 11:41 AM by Jimmy
  • Azure Book Reviews

    A few weeks ago I've got two Windows Azure books from Apress for review and giveaway on the group meeting. In the very moment when I opened the first one I knew it will be difficult to review books about a something I don't really know that much...
    Published 02-18-2010 2:06 PM by Jimmy
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  • Safe Redirect (302 Found)

    I’ve just came across a question what to do if the url I wants to redirect to is invalid (server is down etc.). Obviously the redirect will fail but that is exactly what I would like to avoid. The solution is dead simple and can look like that: 1: protected...
    Published 09-17-2009 5:33 PM by Jimmy
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  • ReSharper vs. CodeRush+Refactor! Pro – The Battle Begins

    After Visual Studio 2010 has been released my first question was when DevExpress will release plug-in for the Beta. After few minutes with Google I found that it will not be very soon. To be more precise, I couldn’t find anything on that at all. On the...
    Published 05-21-2009 5:18 PM by Jimmy
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  • See you at DDD South West

    I'm heading down to Taunton this Saturday for DDD Sout West ( ) where I will have a session (see below). Pop in and say hello if you will be there. Hope to see you there.
    Published 05-20-2009 11:35 AM by Jimmy
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  • Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Available for the MSDN Subscribers today

    Today, May 18th, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 will Available for the MSDN Subscribers today. As GMT resident I'm waiting for someone in Microsoft to come to his/her desk and enable it. Wake up!!!
    Published 05-18-2009 9:18 AM by Jimmy
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  • Geneva Beta 2 Released

    Geneva Beta 2 has been released yesterday. Nothing more to add but link:
    Published 05-12-2009 9:42 AM by Jimmy
  • Interoperability

    In a few weeks I will be giving presentation about interoperability with WCF on DDD South West. It will be my first presentation on an event bigger than a user group meeting. If any of you will be on the event please come over to say hello. Also, I'm...
  • Early morning train

    Finally I have some spare time to actually sit down and write something ant even this only because I'm in the 6.48 in the morning train for London and apart of sleeping I have nothing better to do. It's been a while since my last post and I think...
    Published 05-09-2009 5:37 PM by Jimmy
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  • First Meeting

    The very first first meeting will be on 25th February 2009. Two truly great speakers kindly agreed to join us. Guy will be talking about new features in C# 4 and Paul will show live coding session with Silverlight. The meeting will be held in Royal...
    Published 01-19-2009 10:23 PM by Jimmy
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  • New User Group

    Happy New Year! Finally, after ages of talking about I did it as my New Year resolution. Just few hours ago, user group has been officially open. Herein I would like to invite all .NET geeks from Gloucester, UK area. Of course, anyone else is warmly...
    Published 01-06-2009 8:51 PM by Jimmy
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  • I've seen enough

    Once upon the time I posted about a job opportunity here, in MessageLabs. Now, after dozen or so interviews I can say I've seen enough to post some reflections. I hope that this post will help one to get most-dream job. Let's get started from...
    Published 10-21-2008 3:04 PM by Jimmy
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  • Working with .NET 1.1 in Visual Studio 2008 and Team Server

    I was trying to write that post for so long that I've started worry that there will be new version of the Visual Studio before I will even start. Finally, I found some time and here it is. What I'm going to write about here is how to use the latest...
  • MessageLabs is hiring

    MessageLabs is looking for a Software Engineer for my team based in Gloucester, UK. It's an excellent opportunity to join the best security company and become the part of the success story. Our team is group of friendly developers which are aiming...
    Published 06-26-2008 10:48 AM by Jimmy
  • Problems installing TFS Power Tools - March 2008

    The new Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools, March 2008 edition, may cause 1722 error when installing. There is many possible reasons for that, however one I had can be easily eliminated. First of all you should get log file...
    Published 06-23-2008 9:15 AM by Jimmy
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