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  • Mysterious Generic TreeSet<T>

    Just a few minutes ago, I was looking for something in the System. Collections.Generic using Reflector. I turned on visibility for Private members in options and then I saw something new, a TreeSet<T>. A few days before I was playing with tree structures...
    Published 10-13-2006 2:20 PM by Jimmy
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  • Which ORM – Advice Needed

    I'm starting new project and one of things I'm not sure about is which ORM should I choose. So far I have experience with eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) by DevExpress. It's nice but I'm not sure if the best. I'm considering NHibernate and eventually...
    Published 06-15-2007 7:18 AM by Jimmy
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  • I've seen enough

    Once upon the time I posted about a job opportunity here, in MessageLabs. Now, after dozen or so interviews I can say I've seen enough to post some reflections. I hope that this post will help one to get most-dream job. Let's get started from...
    Published 10-21-2008 3:04 PM by Jimmy
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  • Atlas Extenders Crash Course - Part 2.5 - Migration

    Welcome in the second and half post in the series dedicated adventures with Atlas Extenders. Originally, this series consist of three parts, but some changes in the world forces me to add one more post into the series: Introduction – what Atlas Extender...
    Published 11-01-2006 2:32 PM by Jimmy
  • CI In TFS Orcas - Short Review

    Last month I'm focusing almost only on Continuous Integration. Number of hours spent on that subject allows me to pretend be advanced. So far all my CI experience was limited to CruiseControl.NET (95%) and a bit of Team Foundation Server. A problem with...
  • First Meeting

    The very first first meeting will be on 25th February 2009. Two truly great speakers kindly agreed to join us. Guy will be talking about new features in C# 4 and Paul will show live coding session with Silverlight. The meeting will be held in Royal...
    Published 01-19-2009 10:23 PM by Jimmy
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  • Continuous integration

    Well, last time I didn't blog too much so I've decide to start a new cycle. It's the best way to force myself to post more frequently. One of the subjects on top of my head was continuous integration so there we are. The other reason is that I will have...
  • Life Hacks: Personal Wiki

    Who heard about life hacks ? Or rather who didn't? Well, not long time ago I didn't. First time I've heard about that from one Hanselminutes, show #18 and later on #43 . Today on way to work I was listen another archive show #15 about something totally...
    Published 06-14-2007 12:39 PM by Jimmy
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  • New User Group

    Happy New Year! Finally, after ages of talking about I did it as my New Year resolution. Just few hours ago, user group has been officially open. Herein I would like to invite all .NET geeks from Gloucester, UK area. Of course, anyone else is warmly...
    Published 01-06-2009 8:51 PM by Jimmy
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  • Pex: a fish with big teeth

    Actually, Pex it's not a fish, it's Program EXploration, tool for test generation and dynamic analysis designed by Microsoft Research . Examples of features can be found on the project page . In shortcut, Pex is able to analyse .NET application and use...
    Published 03-09-2007 10:43 AM by Jimmy
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  • Validator Extender back again (under a new name now)

    Welcome again in the topic. Some time ago we went through a course which gave us fully functional extender. Just to remember, the course has the four parts: Introduction – what Atlas Extender is and how to create our own validation extender, Page methods...
  • We are Hiring – C# Software Engineer

    My new company is looking for two (2) C# Software Engineers into my team in Gloucester, UK. I need two folks that will be working with me on few projects. I'm looking for geeks, which will work not only on delivering product but also will help me to shake...
    Published 06-07-2007 8:31 AM by Jimmy
  • WPF, UniveRSS(e) and The Panel

    Just a few weeks since the .NET 3.0 has been released and I feel a little dissapointed. I was expecting a lot of new amazing stuff popping up like a mushrooms after the rain, but no, it's a bit quiet like everyone is afraid of using the new .NET. Finally, I've found the very first cool thing today - UniveRSS. What is that? It's a 3D RSS reader. Yes, it's not a mistake. Moreover, it has been released by Microsoft. Sounds good so far, it isn't? ...
    Published 12-06-2006 11:47 PM by Jimmy
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  • My New Job

    One of the changes last time was a new job. At mid of April I've started in MessageLabs in Gloucester as a Software Engineer. For most of us that name connects to small footer we can see sometimes in emails. That's it. Company is working on security,...
    Published 06-06-2007 1:07 PM by Jimmy
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  • My First Podcast

    Michal Grzegorzewski published my first podcast on page yesterday late night. We were talking about AJAX. Unfortunately podcast is in Polish as well as so sorry for all non Polish speaking readers. Currently we are planning to record...
    Published 03-22-2007 3:57 PM by Jimmy
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