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  • Video - Core, an AOP Framework

    Wow, that took a long time to be published, but here it is. This video was recorded during the October's meeting of Chicago ALT.NET that happened almost just about a whole month ago. The video shows Josh Heyse demonstrating and explaining the works of the AOP framework called Core. What the video...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 11-07-2008
    Filed under: .NET, Development,, Video, Community
  • Solving Problems with TDD

    I'm giving a talk on TDD at our local UG tonight, and under the influence of some recent posts here on, I just finished reworking my presentation. This post is an outline for the first half of my presentation. The Problems Code has entropy. That is over time it deteriorates. At least...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 11-06-2008
    Filed under: Design Patterns, Agile, Software Architecture, TDD, ALT.NET, Best Practices, Opinion
  • Alt.NET Austin - Workshops Day 2, Conference Day 1

    Yesterday was the first day of the pre-conference workshops at the Kaizen Continuous Improvement Conference .  Day two was a bit more invigorating for me since I attended two topics (Opinionated MVC and Fluent API's with C#) which got my head spinning nearly immediately.  Both talks were...
    Posted to Tim Barcz by Tim Barcz on 11-01-2008
    Filed under: Alt.NET
  • Alt.NET Austin - Workshops Day 1

    I'm in Austin, Texas for the Kaizen Continuous Improvement Conference this weekend.  One of the very cool things the organizers did for this event was offer two days of workshops before the conference.  While I'm excited for the conference itself, much of my excitement for the conference...
    Posted to Tim Barcz by Tim Barcz on 11-01-2008
    Filed under: DDD, NHibernate, Alt.NET
  • ViewEngines at Chicago ALT.NET

    One of the reasons I've been mucking with NHaml is the upcoming meeting of the Chicago ALT.NET group. The plan is to talk about NHaml and Spark (and maybe Brail ), comparing equivalent implementations of a simple website written in ASPX, NHaml and Spark. The meeting is on November 12 th , see registration...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 10-30-2008
    Filed under: .NET,, Announcement, Community
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