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  • Continuous integration

    Well, last time I didn't blog too much so I've decide to start a new cycle. It's the best way to force myself to post more frequently. One of the subjects on top of my head was continuous integration so there we are. The other reason is that I will have a presentation on that subject on vBug meeting...
    Posted to Lazy Developer by Jimmy on 03-02-2007
    Filed under: Tools, Agile, Continuous integration
  • Sam's List

    I've been overloaded lately with my infant .NET consulting company, and I have to apologize for the lack of consistent posts. I just read a terse, but very insightful post from Sam Gentile. You'll need to dig into it and read the cross links, but it's a worth the while. Basically, he's covering the techniques...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 01-25-2007
    Filed under: Design Patterns, .NET 3.0, Agile, Software Architecture, XP
  • The bliss of 'On Site' Business Experts....

    I currently work for a company that is a very process and documentation light. They believe very strongly that big process and heavy documents will only slow down a project (actually one of the reasons I joined the company). However, as the new guy assigned to lead a very high profile project this can...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 11-08-2006
    Filed under: Agile, Methodology
  • Regarding an Agile Backlash

    It's coming, as we all knew it would . All in all, I think this is a bit of a shame. I'm not one to speak for others, but I'm sure the "originators" (for want of a better term) of agile processes like Scrum and XP are a little disconcerted to see their ideas turned into nothing...
    Posted to Jeff Perrin - Sexier Than You Are by Jeff Perrin on 10-05-2006
    Filed under: agile
  • Keys to Managing a Successful Team/Project

    In order to run a successful project the project members have to feel they OWN the project. They must feel that they have: A say in the direction of the project A say in the decisions that are made That they can achieve the desired outcome The best way to achieve all of the above it pretty simple, empower...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 09-28-2006
    Filed under: Agile, Methodology
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