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  • Rare Company or a Persuasive Man?

    Troy mentioned in a comment on my previous post on ASP.NET MVC and Agile that I must be in a rare company, or I must be a lucky or persuasive man. There is certainly an aspect of truth to both those observations. It is certainly nothing out of the ordinary for me to be brought into projects that are...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 08-14-2008
    Filed under: Practices and Principles, Rants, Architecture, Featured
  • Is Duplicitous?

    Roy makes a number of accusations about the community, particularly centred around their espoused ideals clashing with their comments and blogs. I respect Roy greatly, his blog was one of my first real sources for great TDD information, and he has consitently put out great blog posts and software...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 05-21-2008
    Filed under: Practices and Principles, TDD, Mocking, Rants, Architecture, Featured
  • Good Development Practices - Basic Reading List

    It struck me that a good reading list is always welcome to find, and while I suspect most of these books are not entirely new to you, I thought it a good idea to list what I think is the basis of any good development library. Start with these books and you cannot go far wrong, what they teach will be...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 05-19-2008
    Filed under: Practices and Principles, Architecture, Featured
  • S#arp Architecture: ASP.NET MVC with NHibernate

    To skip to the chase... It wasn't too many years ago that I used to state quietly that I was a Microsoft web developer. Inevitably, a Java developer would hear my whisper and begin laughing hysterically as I cowered away from defending Active Server Pages...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 04-21-2008
    Filed under: Architecture, NHibernate, Featured, MVC.NET, Spring.NET
  • UDDI is (Not) Dead?

    Over year ago Ed Gibbs asked the same question. Well it wasn't question maybe, however point is that UDDI may not be such dead yet. Some time ago I dug out that and I think it still can be useful. There are some conclusions. A bit of history For sure it's one of many forgotten technologies that...
    Posted to Lazy Developer by Jimmy on 11-15-2007
    Filed under: Web Services, Architecture, featured
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