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  • Checklist for Developing Message-Based Systems

    Even when developing the most basic CRUD application, we ask ourselves a number of questions - whether we realize it or not - during the initial phases of development concerning the architecture and construction of the project. Where will the data be persisted? What mechanism will be used to communicate...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 03-23-2010
    Filed under: Architecture, Quality Assurance, Robotics, Patterns
  • Message-Based Systems for Maintainable, Asynchronous Development

    Preface (you know it’s good if there's a preface) In Architectural Paradigms of Robotic Control , a number of architectures were reviewed including deliberative, reactive, and hybrid architectures. Each of these exhibit a clean separation of concerns with layering and encapsulation of defined...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 03-01-2010
    Filed under: Architecture, Robotics, Patterns
  • Dependency Injection 101

    (It looks like Kevin Pang and I must have seen the same vision this weekend or had a close encounter flashback as he's concurrently putting together a great series on Dependency Injection for Dummies sure to check out his posts for another take on this subject!) S imply put, dependency injection...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 11-09-2009
    Filed under: Architecture, Patterns
  • The dojo is open...

    Codai's IT Samurai School is open for enrollment. It's Flash, so it'll take a few moments to download...but I hope you'll agree it's worth the wait... A few fun facts about the website and the school itself: Born our of a short conversation at a BBQ...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 05-18-2009
    Filed under: Architecture, .NET, Software Development, Quality Assurance, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Project Management, Patterns, Test-Driven Development, Agile Development, MVC.NET, S#arp Architecture, Tips & Tricks, DDD
  • Refactoring Service Dependencies to Separated Interface

    There are two factors which have a tremendous impact on a team's likelihood to abandon unit testing: Fragile tests which break often and require regular maintenance; and Slow tests which add excruciating seconds, if not minutes, to the total time of unit test runs. I find that fragile tests are often...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 10-30-2008
    Filed under: Architecture, Patterns, S#arp Architecture
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