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  • Casting options in C#

    What is the best way to cast from one type to another in C#? This question came up at work last week while I was looking through some older code. The code in question was using the C style casting syntax. I have started to use the "as" style cast more often and rewrote it. Then I decided to...
    Posted to Alan Northam by anortham on 10-07-2007
    Filed under: IL, C#, Casting
  • Jon Skeet writes a book: "C# in Depth"

    Have you ever been to the microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.csharp newsgroup? If you have been there for more than a few moments you must have noticed an individual answering even the toughest C# questions like crazy, Jon Skeet . Jon is a C# MVP and maintains a blog and a collection of very interesting...
    Posted to Marcin Hoppe by Marcin Hoppe on 09-20-2007
    Filed under: C#
  • Design Considerations: StructureMap Configuration and Plugin Keys

    I started playing with StructureMap recently. I am struggling with how to design my code's interaction with StructureMap when it comes to the configuration and use of plugin keys. If you have any insights or experience with this, please let me know! 1. Configuration via StructureMap.config Pros : * Separation...
    Posted to Lou Haskett by Louis Haskett on 06-26-2007
    Filed under: c#, Dependancy Injection, StructureMap, IoC, Design Considerations
  • How-To: "Cast" between List<T>'s

    Problem : If you've ever tried to cast been list generics, you know that you can't. Example : 1. You have two classes Shape and Square, where Square inherits from Shape. 2. You have two generic lists, List<Shape> and List<Square>. 3. List<Square> does not inherit from List<Shape>...
    Posted to Lou Haskett by Louis Haskett on 06-13-2007
    Filed under: c#, generics, how-to, casting
  • How to keep List<T> sorted?

    The Problem Recently I ran into a need to keep a list of integers sorted in ascending order. The list was used as an internal representation of a set, so I didn't have to create a new class implementing IList<T> or anything similar. The whole issue was to implement adding new elements properly...
    Posted to Marcin Hoppe by Marcin Hoppe on 05-15-2007
    Filed under: C#
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