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  • Drawing the Line Between MVC Controllers and Application Services

    Frequently, when we adapt new technologies or techniques, the new fix ends up introducing new "yucky" stuff or simply pushes the previous yucky stuff to another area. Since "yucky" just might be a bit subjective here, I consider yucky stuff to include any bit of code that has no clear...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 09-16-2009
    Filed under: MVC.NET, S#arp Architecture, DDD
  • We Are Not Doing DDD – Part Two - CQS

    From the beginning of my current project we have been working under some horrible constraints, many imposed by legacy systems, many by late decisions that would have speeded things immensely if made earlier, and many imposed by decisions that are outside of my control. This lead us early on to make decisions...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 06-22-2009
    Filed under: Architecture, DDD, CQS
  • Commercial Suicide - Integration at the Service Level

    In my previous post I described the problems with trying to integrate your organisation at the database level , and the fallacies surrounding the idea of the One True Authority Database. I also alluded to this being a problem with services too. When you try to create a monolithic and authoritarian database...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 05-19-2009
    Filed under: Practices and Principles, Architecture, DDD, SOA
  • The dojo is open...

    Codai's IT Samurai School is open for enrollment. It's Flash, so it'll take a few moments to download...but I hope you'll agree it's worth the wait... A few fun facts about the website and the school itself: Born our of a short conversation at a BBQ...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 05-18-2009
    Filed under: Architecture, .NET, Software Development, Quality Assurance, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Project Management, Patterns, Test-Driven Development, Agile Development, MVC.NET, S#arp Architecture, Tips & Tricks, DDD
  • Commercial Suicide - Integration at the Database Level

    There are many ways you can commit commercial suicide, but there is possibly no slower and more agonising death than that produced by attempting that great architectural objective, the single authoritative database to which all applications talk. The theory is good, if we have a single database then...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 05-14-2009
    Filed under: Practices and Principles, .NET, Architecture, DDD
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