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  • IoC container solves a problem you might not have but it's a nice problem to have

    On frameworks and libraries A logging framework helps you log what's happening in your application. A UI framework helps you render and animate UIs to the user. A communication library helps connecting parts of a distributed system. All of these tasks and concepts are pretty easy to understand. They...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 10-22-2012
    Filed under: Design, IoC, architecture
  • To constructor or to property dependency?

    Us, devel­op­ers, are a bit like that comic strip ( from always great xkcd ): We can end­lessly debate over tabs ver­sus spaces (don't even get me started), whether to use optional semi­colon or not, and other seem­ingly irrel­e­vant top­ics. We can have heated...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 09-05-2012
    Filed under: Design, c#
  • Using ConventionTests

    About conventions I’m a big fan of using conventions when developing applications. I blogged about it in the past ( here , here and later here ). I also gave a talk about my experience with this approach and how I currently use it at NDC last week (slides are available here , video should be posted...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 06-14-2012
    Filed under: .NET, Design
  • API design challenge – builder

    Now that Windsor 3 is released I can concentrate on some of my other ideas and projects. While working on one of them, called Cartographer , I encountered an interesting API design problem. I have a class (a builder to be precise) that has a task of setting up a central object (an IMapper implementation...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 12-30-2011
    Filed under: Design
  • Testing conventions

    I already blogged about the topic of validating conventions in the past ( here and here ). Doing this has been a fantastic way of keeping consistency across codebases I’ve worked on, and several of my colleagues at Readify adopted this approach with great success. Recently I found myself using...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 03-08-2011
    Filed under: Design
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