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  • Unit tests are overrated

    Something is rotten in the state of Development. It seems to me we (developers) either ignore testing altogether, leaving it to the Q&A team when we throw them the app over the wall, or we concentrate on unit tests only. Let me make one thing clear before we go any further – unit tests are...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 02-28-2011
    Filed under: Design
  • That dreaded M in ASP.NET MVC

    When it comes to working with Models in MVC, I’ve tried many approaches, some good, others not so much. I’ve ended up settling on ViewModels, whereby the Model I submit is dictated by the View I’m working with. This allows me the flexibility of displaying or gathering only the information...
    Posted to Hadi Hariri by Hadi Hariri on 01-02-2011
    Filed under: Design, ASP.NET MVC, Architecture
  • SRP, as easy as 123…

    …of course, you’d need to have the song ABC from the Jackson Five in your head for that title to be remotely amusing. Single Responsibility Principle is such a simple principle. It states that a class should only have one responsibility. One responsibility. Not two, not three, one. Such...
    Posted to Hadi Hariri by Hadi Hariri on 12-18-2010
    Filed under: Design, Architecture
  • Must I release everything when using Windsor?

    This is a follow up to my previous post . If you haven’t yet – go and read that one first. I’ll wait. So where were we? Aha… In the last post I said, that Windsor (any container in general) creates objects for you, hence it owns them, ergo its responsibility is to properly end their lifetime when they...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 08-26-2010
    Filed under: Castle, Design, IoC
  • Must Windsor track my components?

    Probably the single most misunderstood feature of Castle Windsor is regarding its lifetime management of components. Hopefully in this post (and the next one) I’ll be able to clear all the misconceptions. Why is Windsor tracking components in the first place? One of the core responsibilities of a container...
    Posted to Krzysztof Kozmic by Krzysztof Koźmic on 08-19-2010
    Filed under: Castle, Design, IoC
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