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  • The Ground is Shaking Again. Get Mobile.

    A little over two years ago I commented how surprising it was that VisualBasic was still more popular than C# in the .Net world. Back then I checked the TIOBE Index and saw that VB (in all its flavors) enjoyed almost 11% of relevance while C# wasn't even at the 4% level. When we look at the June...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 06-17-2010
    Filed under: Development, Mobile, Android, HTML5
  • Deciding On Features For Open Source

    “Open source feature selection is subjective.” An interesting question was posed to me recently at a presentation - “How do you decide what features to include in the [open source] projects you manage?” Is It Objective? I’d like to say that it’s really objective and that we vote on features and look...
    Posted to Rob Reynolds - The Fervent Coder by Rob Reynolds on 05-15-2010
    Filed under: HowTo, UppercuT, Development
  • Code Contracts Primer – Part 6 Interface Contracts

    *** NOTE *** This post has been a long time coming, I would like to thank Kevin Hazzard for doing a kick ass Contracts session at TriNug and reminding me to get off my ass and blog about this great feature *** NOTE ***  If you are not familiar with the Code Contracts library which is coming out...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 05-14-2010
    Filed under: Development, .Net, HowTo, Code Contracts
  • UppercuT and Mercurial (hg)

    I mentioned this awhile back on twitter, but UppercuT (UC) has support for Mercurial for versioning your assemblies. In the settings file, all you need to do it tell UC to use hg. When you build your assemblies, they will use the changeset number in the version, and in the informational version, you...
    Posted to Rob Reynolds - The Fervent Coder by Rob Reynolds on 04-22-2010
    Filed under: UppercuT, Development, Tools, .NET
  • Chuck Norris Welcomes You

      Chuck Norris doesn’t program with a keyboard. He stares the computer down until it does what he wants. All things need a name. We’ve tossed around a bunch of names for the framework of tools we’ve been working on, but one we kept coming back to was Chuck Norris. Why did we choose Chuck Norris...
    Posted to Rob Reynolds - The Fervent Coder by Rob Reynolds on 04-17-2010
    Filed under: RoundhousE, SidePOP, UppercuT, Development, Tools, .NET
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