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  • Recovering a Project with ASP.NET MVC and Agile

    I recently got brought on board to a new client where, true to form, a project was in a state of failure - everybody sort of knew it, but nobody would say it out loud. What Was Going Wrong? After my initial assessment, I made a quick decision that the major thing holding everyone back was an early decision...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 08-13-2008
    Filed under: Practices and Principles, Agile, Rants, .NET, Featured
  • Foundations of Programming EBook - Great Read & ITS FREE

    If you have not hear, Karl Seguin has authored a great, short eBook which he is giving away free to the world.  This book is based of his blog series of the same title. Do yourself a favor and go download this book, it is pretty short and is a great read.  There are great nuggets of information...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 07-10-2008
    Filed under: Agile, .Net, Shout-Out, Featured, Announcement
  • Beginning Continuous Improvement, A Case Study

    by: Glenn Goodrich This post is the winner of The Great Giveaway . The story you are about to read is true. The names and identities of the innocent have been changed to protect them and my job. No animals were harmed in the writing of this story. Roughly three to five years ago I was an...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 06-27-2008
    Filed under: .NET, Development, featured,
  • Giveaway result

    We've just finished tallying up our votes for the Great Giveaway and we are pleased to announce that the winner is Glenn Goodrich . We had enough entries to make the contest worthwhile and we decided to give prizes for every story. Everyone got one of the books in the original list and...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 06-26-2008
    Filed under: .NET, Development, featured,
  • The Great Giveaway

    Because there's more than one kind of hero Update: The contest is now closed. We cannot accept any more entries. Wait for the winner announcement is a few days. Thanks for all the great submissions. Here's your chance to win a well-deserved prize for being a good developer — and not just any...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 06-05-2008
    Filed under: .NET, Development, featured, book, Announcement
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