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  • ASP.NET SEO Interview on Polymorphic Podcast

    Craig Shoemaker just posted the latest episode of the Polymorphic Podcast: ASP.NET SEO - Interview with Michael Neel .  Yes, I've now appeared in a podcast that I didn't have a hand in recording! Even if you don't listen to the show (and you should, Craig does an awesome job) check out...
    Posted to ViNull, Off the Record by Michael C. Neel on 10-13-2008
    Filed under: Featured,, sitemap, seo
  • Using LINQ to generate HTML

    I hate seeing code mixed with markup. Seeing a template page with <% if(show) { %> makes me want to claw my eyes out.  Seeing String htmlTitle = "<h1>" + title + "</h1>" causes me to vomit up a little something in my throat. Mixing code with markup is not a...
    Posted to ViNull, Off the Record by Michael C. Neel on 08-03-2008
    Filed under: Featured,, LINQ
  • Session, ForEach, and a ShallowCopy walk into a bar...

    Before we get started, let's play "questions you only hear during an interview." Are the contestants ready? Good, here is the question: What is the difference between a shallow copy and a deep copy? MSDN on Object.MemberwiseClone : "Consider an object called X that references objects...
    Posted to ViNull, Off the Record by Michael C. Neel on 04-14-2008
    Filed under: Featured, session,
  • Using Embedded Resources for HTML Email Templates

    Most web applications need to send out email for a variety of purposes, right? I like to use email as a sort of extended user interface - allowing entry points to let the user conveniently do work by getting an email and clicking on a link. I've struggled for a while with a good way of managing email...
    Posted to Brendan Tompkins by Brendan Tompkins on 10-24-2007
    Filed under: ASP.NET, Resources, Featured
  • Page Lifecycle Study : Part One- The Project

    This is one of those posts that pains me to write. I blame Monorail for the pain that I am now acutely aware of in working with the Web Forms model in ASP.NET. But that's a whole other post... Dealing with the events that take place in the lifetime of a Page in WebForms is tricky once you get beyond...
    Posted to Mike Nichols - Son Of Nun Technology by Michael Nichols on 10-04-2007
    Filed under: featured, ASP.NET
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