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  • AutoWire with StructureMap does not wire dependencies which are not public

    Today I was trying to retrofit the source code from Stephen Bohlen’s great SOLID Dimecasts on Dependency Inversion (episode will be released on 3/26/2009) in order to have it use StructureMap (in order to better show the DIP concept in the episode Stephen did not show the use of an IoC container). ...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 03-22-2009
    Filed under: StructureMap, HowTo
  • Injecting Fakes/Stubs into StructureMap when using Profiles

    In a previous post I talked about how you can setup StructureMap to create and use profiles .  In this post I would to show you how you can swap out an instance of an object which is part of the profile with a fake/stub for testing. I ran into this scenario the other day while creating a test and...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 01-09-2009
    Filed under: StructureMap, HowTo
  • Setting up Profiles in StructureMap 2.5

    In a previous post I talked about how you can setup Contextual Binding and Profiles with StructureMap 2.5.  However since this post was published, the way you can configure Profiles has changed.  Because of this I thought I would post a follow-up on how to do this.  I also wanted to give...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 01-07-2009
    Filed under: .Net, StructureMap, HowTo
  • Pulling all instances for a base type out of StructureMap

    *** There may be a better way to do this with StructureMap, but this is the way I was able to get this to work *** Today I decided I wanted to move all my route mapping for Dimecasts out of the Global.asax file and into each of the various Controllers. I wanted to do this for two reasons. I was starting...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 12-05-2008
    Filed under: Development, StructureMap, HowTo, ASP.Net MVC
  • Setup up StructureMap 2.5 to Auto Configure your dependencies

    One of the great new features with StructureMap 2.5 is the ability to have the container auto-wire you dependencies. This means that if you want to you do not need to register all your types. Prior to this release if you wanted to map IFoo to Foo you needed to do something like this: StructureMapConfiguration...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 10-13-2008
    Filed under: StructureMap, HowTo
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