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  • MVVM Study Part 3 – Why?

    There are several major architectural approaches used in building user interfaces. MVC, MVP and MVVM seam to be the most popular of the bunch. From among them, MVVM has risen to the top of the stack for WPF and Silverlight developers. Even ignoring the question “Why use separated presentation at...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 09-01-2009
    Filed under: WPF, Xaml, databinding, Control Templates, WPF/e, Silverlight, RIA, MVVM, UI Architecture
  • MVVM Study Part 2 – “View of the Model” or “Model of the View” ?

    As a follow-up to my last post on MVVM , I want to further investigate the ViewModel as a concept. In commenting on my blog, one reader describes a ViewModel as “a UI oriented abstraction of the model.” In that sense, he is saying that a ViewModel (VM) is simply a contextual “View of...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 08-02-2009
    Filed under: WPF, WPF/e, Caliburn, Silverlight, RIA, MVVM, UI Architecture
  • Caliburn v1 Release Candidate 2 is Available!

    I’ve put a ton of work into this release and I think we are finally almost ready for RTW! You can get the new RC2 bits here . Please download them, try them and help me squash any final bugs that may remain. Below is a list of things that have changed since RC1, its quite significant: Added the...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 07-25-2009
    Filed under: WPF, Xaml, WPF/e, .NET 3.5, Caliburn, Featured, Silverlight, RIA, MVVM, UI Architecture
  • MVVM and The Origins of Caliburn

    Recently Glenn Block asked some questions of the community concerning what support Microsoft should offer for the MVVM design pattern in WPF/Silverlight. I’d like to answer that question here, but in a round-about manner. I’m going to use this as an opportunity to talk about the origins of...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 05-18-2009
    Filed under: WPF, Xaml, databinding, WPF/e, .NET 3.5, Caliburn, Silverlight, RIA
  • Off to Mix!

    I'm heading out to Mix09 in Las Vegas today. If you are going to be there, please say hello. I'm looking forward to meeting people and talking about one of my new projects .
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 03-16-2009
    Filed under: game development, Silverlight, RIA
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