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  • Some comments are a total waste of time

    I am all for comments in code (gasp I know) but some are just a total waste of time. Case in point. I came across this today. /// <summary> /// Commit Transaction. /// </summary> public void CommitTransaction() { ........ } WTF, I guess putting the Commit Transaction comment makes it more...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 09-29-2008
    Filed under: Opinion, Rant
  • Clean build server with MSTest == FAIL

    It is no secret that I am not a fan of MSTest (read here for more rants on MSTests). Today's rant is about how MSTest does not allow you to have a clean build server. Yea I know what you are thinking, here comes another long winded rant on MSTest. Well this should not be too long winded, and hey...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 09-25-2008
    Filed under: TDD, Rant
  • Google Chrome - How Cool? Too Cool.

    How cool is Google Chrome (new browser from Google)?  Way "too cool to run on your machine cool" Thumbs up though for their error screen, just wish I didn't have to see it
    Posted to Tim Barcz by Tim Barcz on 09-02-2008
    Filed under: Rant
  • The Tortoise and the Hare

    We're all familiar with the Aesop's fable of the tortoise and the hare .  In the story, the hare, who is in every way is faster than the tortoise, loses a race to the tortoise.  The main principle of the story is that slow and steady wins the race. In my development I am shooting to...
    Posted to Tim Barcz by Tim Barcz on 08-11-2008
    Filed under: Rant, Agile, Testing
  • Customer Service Fail - A eye opening experience

    Recently my wife, my son and I went into a local store (not going to mention which) to pickup an order that had been placed a few weeks back. When we walked in we were asked to put our name on a 'waiting list' because they were so busy. We went ahead and put our name on the list and were about...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 08-03-2008
    Filed under: Rant
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