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  • Resharper 5.0 - Bookmarks

    Today it was announced that Resharper 5.0 will soon be introduced as part of the public EAP (Early Access Program) . As one on JetBrains .NET Academy Experts I’ve had access to Resharper 5.0 for a few weeks. While in the coming weeks and months you’ll hear quite a bit from developers who...
    Posted to Tim Barcz by Tim Barcz on 10-09-2009
    Filed under: Announcement, ReSharper
  • Jet Brains Development Academy Welcomes Another

    A few years ago I was introduced to ReSharper ( JetBrains ) from a co-worker (Thanks Grant!). Having always been one who desires to move more quickly through code and take advantage of any shortcut I can, ReSharper felt like "coming home". Last week I was invited to be part of their development...
    Posted to Tim Barcz by Tim Barcz on 08-11-2009
    Filed under: Tools, ReSharper
  • ReSharper 4.5 coming out soon

    Looks like everyone's favorite productivity tool for .net development is getting a upgrade. I got an email the other day from JetBrains saying that v4.5 should be out in Q1 of 2009 and that public beta's should be ready by end of this year. Highlights of ReSharper 4.5 include: Solution-Wide Analysis...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 12-21-2008
    Filed under: Development Tools, ReSharper
  • Navigating Xaml Resources with ReSharper

    Most of our WPF projects end up with a lot of xaml resources. I do my best to try to keep them organized and easy to navigate. In many ways though, I am still learning . I often have a resource dictionary containing all of my default styles for a given application. When I collapse everything, the nodes...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 10-27-2008
    Filed under: WPF, Tips & Tricks, ReSharper
  • Prevent ReSharper from Adding Regions to Interfaces

    This is really a corollary to a post by Kyle Baley a while back. Despite my original love affair with regions some years back, that are nothing but noise to me now. Unfortunately, the default behavior of R# is wraps interface implementations in a region. I can understand where this might be helpful,...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 10-27-2008
    Filed under: Tips & Tricks, ReSharper
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