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  • IT Samurai School coming soon...

    As if my life wasn't boring enough trying to get S#arp Architecture 1.0 out the door...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 05-03-2009
    Filed under: Architecture, C#, .NET, Software Development, SQL Server, Algorithms, Refactoring, NHibernate, Project Management, Test-Driven Development, Agile Development, MVC.NET, S#arp Architecture, DDD
  • Integrating Castle MonoRail into Legacy Code

    After deciding to migrate our current project to Castle Project's MonoRail , next came the task of going through the available documentation, forums and sample code to determine how best to integrate the MonoRail Project into our legacy application. What follows should serve as a solid tutorial if...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 06-26-2007
    Filed under: ASP.NET, Refactoring, Castle Project
  • Refactoring from Ayende's NHibernate.Generics to NHibernate 1.2

    [Updated 4/3/07 - Added recommendation to move add/remove methods to a custom collection.] While using NHibernate 1.0x, developers who wanted support for generics often turned to Ayende's Hibernate.Generics . Since the use of generics is now natively supported by NHibernate 1.2, you'll no longer need...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 03-27-2007
    Filed under: Refactoring, NHibernate
  • Refactor It! Challenge 3 Results (finally)

    Congratulations to Thomas Eyde who is the winner of Challenge 3 ! Thomas has won a copy of Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John M. Vlissides along with a 3-user license pack for CodeIt.Once Refactoring . (The winner was randomly...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 02-08-2007
    Filed under: Refactoring, Contests
  • Refactor It! Challenge 3 - Eeegats...Entries Lost!

    To my chagrin, my email server was trashing email sent to . (I was getting suspicious when I hadn't received any entries yet.) After a few configuration changes, the channels are again open for this email address. Please resubmit your entries to
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 01-04-2007
    Filed under: Refactoring, Contests
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