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  • Visual Studio Tools for IronRuby

    The latest release of IronRuby (1.1.1) includes Visual Studio integration! From the release notes: The integration includes Ruby colorizer and syntax checker interactive loop window directory based project templates for common Ruby applications (including Ruby on Rails 3, Sinatra, Gems and Silverlight...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 10-22-2010
    Filed under: RoR, Visual Studio, ruby, Tools, IronRuby
  • Ruby Is Scary

    Why is Ruby on Rails all the rage at the moment, and why do a lot of .NET people seem so defensive? Undoubtedly, there is a buzz in development right now, things are changing rapidly, possibly more rapidly than they have for a good number of years. New languages are sprouting up all over it seems, with...
    Posted to Jak Charlton - Insane World by Jak Charlton on 07-30-2010
    Filed under: Rants, .NET, ruby
  • ANN: The Second Chicago Code Camp

    After a successful first Chicago Code Camp last year, we're back to announce the second edition of this unique technical event. The Chicago Code Camp 2 will happen on May 1 st . In this event we are addressing one obvious and recurring feedback: Make it closer to the city . We're thrilled to...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 03-22-2010
    Filed under: .NET, Ruby, JavaScript, Announcement, Community
  • [ANN] Chicago ALT.NET shows Rake and Albacore

    I haven't mentioned our meetings here in a while but our group has been going strong and enthusiastic all this time. Tomorrow, March 10 th our topic will be build scripts for .Net projects using Rake and Albacore. I've been using Rake and a little bit of Albacore in my own projects and I'm...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 03-09-2010
    Filed under: Ruby, Automation,, Announcement, Community
  • Language Envy - C# needs Ranges

    As soon as I started learning Ruby, a few years ago, I got immediately hooked on its Range class. I could not believe I had been programming in .NET without them for so long. I like to think of range objects as the specification for a for loop, packaged in an object that can be passed around. That's...
    Posted to Sergio Pereira by sergiopereira on 01-02-2010
    Filed under: .NET, Ruby, Series, Language-Envy, Juicy
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