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  • Caliburn Silverlight Navigation Walkthrough: Introduction

    Over the next several months I am going to be releasing various starter kits/samples for Caliburn. Each sample will demonstrate a different application style. I’ve factored each sample so that it has a reusable mini-framework, allowing developers to easily take the shell and start plugging in their...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 12-03-2009
    Filed under: Xaml, WPF/e, Caliburn, Featured, Silverlight, RIA, Tutorial
  • Caliburn Tutorial Part 2

    Hadi has just posted part 2 of his tutorial on building composite applications with Caliburn. In this post he covers basic usage of the EventBroker, ActionMessages and shows one way of putting the pieces together by using the PresenterHost control. Great job!
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 06-05-2008
    Filed under: WPF, .NET 3.0, Xaml, databinding, WPF/e, .NET 3.5, Caliburn, Silverlight, Tutorial
  • Caliburn Tutorials are on their way!

    Hadi Eskandari has begun blogging about Caliburn.  He's putting together a multi-part series detailing the steps necessary to get started building your first application.  Thanks for this great contribution Hadi!  You can read the first post in his series here .
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 06-01-2008
    Filed under: WPF, .NET 3.0, Xaml, .NET 3.5, Caliburn, Tutorial
  • Custom Profile Provider with NHibernate

    I've updated the NHibernate blog example code to include a custom profile provider. This provider stores the profile information using the XML data type in SQL Server 2005. New profile properties can be added to the web.config file in same way as the Microsoft SqlProfileProvider. The included web...
    Posted to Alan Northam by anortham on 08-09-2007
    Filed under: NHibernate, Sql Server, Tutorial, ProfileProvider
  • Getting Started with NHibernate: Part IV

    I've made some major changes to the blog application example. The users and roles now use custom membership and role providers that supports NHibernate. Session context is maintained with a custom implementation of ICurrentSessionContext (a new NHibernate 1.2 feature). The session and session factory...
    Posted to Alan Northam by anortham on 07-26-2007
    Filed under: NHibernate, Sql Server, Tutorial, MembershipUser, RoleProvider, MembershipProvider
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