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  • Null Reference from Simple Container in Caliburn Micro

    I am building out a new Windows Phone 7 application and this time I am finally going to use the Caliburn Micro framework (I have been telling Rob I was going to for a long, long time). Of course one of the great features of this framework is that it was built from the beginning to support DI ( Dependency...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 04-10-2011
    Filed under: WP7, Silverlight, Caliburn Micro
  • Building Caliburn.Micro’s NuGet Package

    I’m pretty excited about having NuGet support for Caliburn.Micro with the upcoming RTW. The work was spearheaded by Ryan Cromwell and I’ve been testing it and extending it for about a week. I thought I would take this opportunity to share a few things that Ryan put together in order to make...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 04-08-2011
    Filed under: WPF, Xaml, WPF/e, Silverlight, RIA, MVVM, Caliburn Micro, WP7, NuGet, PowerShell
  • The Future of Blue Spire

    Recently my good friend and business partner, Christopher Bennage, made a decision to move his family to Redmond and take a job with Microsoft’s P&P team. A few people have been asking me what that means for Blue Spire. In short, I’m going to be focusing the company on what I know and...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 04-07-2011
    Filed under: WPF, .NET 3.0, Xaml, WPF/e, .NET 3.5, Caliburn, Featured, Silverlight, RIA, MVVM, UI Architecture, Caliburn Micro, WP7
  • Adding Runtime Intelligence to your Windows Phone 7 Application

    When building any type of application which is going to be deployed to the masses it is always important to know and understand how your application is being used in order to make more informed decisions on how to maintain or extend your application.  When it comes to adding in runtime intelligence...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 03-31-2011
    Filed under: WP7, WindowsPhone
  • How to Capture User Signatures on WP7

    Since the iPhone came out a few years ago the idea of using a stylus on a cell phone to perform any type of input action as become ‘old school’.  Steve Jobs once said that if your phone uses a stylus you are doing it wrong (which by the way if I remember he was taking direct aim at Windows Phone...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 03-25-2011
    Filed under: HowTo, WP7, WindowsPhone, XAML
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