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  • Displaying Today’s Date with XAML

    This one is easy on the brain. Some quick WPF lovin’ 101. I need to display the current date, and have it formatted like this: Friday, March 13, 2009 In my opinion, this is purely a matter for the view and so I’m handling it entirely in the xaml. Here’s the markup: <TextBlock Text="{Binding Source...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 03-13-2009
    Filed under: WPF, Tips & Tricks, UI, XAML, 101
  • Testing Bindings In WPF

    I was inspired to get off my duff and blog today by a tweet from Scott Hanselman . I didn’t really dig into the context of his tweet, but it was about TDD and WPF. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m a big fan of WPF and TDD. Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of varied WPF projects...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 02-19-2009
    Filed under: WPF, TDD, UI, UI Patterns, XAML, Caliburn
  • Garbled Text in WPF

    We've had a number of rendering issues with NH Prof. I've been embarrassed about how frequently I have asked users to update their video drivers. It’s not surprising to encounter driver issues occasionally with WPF. It is built on top of DirectX you know. (In fact, all my WPF apps break horribly...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 02-16-2009
    Filed under: WPF, UI, XAML
  • WPF Gotcha: Cannot locate Resource "FileName.xaml"

    Today I was working with a WPF project and when I went to run the application I got the following error 'Cannot locate resource 'FileName.xaml'. Note, this is NOT a compiler error, this is a runtime error. When I opened up the App.xaml file, the StartupUri appeared to be correct, but I would still get...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 08-05-2007
    Filed under: .Net, UI, WPF, HowTo
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