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  • MVC, Desktop Clients, & WPF

    I've spent the majority of my career as a Web developer, and I've only recently (with the discovery of MonoRail) really felt good about it. I mean to say, that a true MVC framework facilitates simple and elegant Web development, whereas in the past (with classic ASP and WebForms) I always felt that something...
    Posted to Christopher Bennage by Christopher Bennage on 04-11-2007
    Filed under: Design Patterns, WPF, .NET 3.0
  • .NET 3.0 Crash Course - Part 8: WPF Conclusion

    Before we move on to WF I want to mention a few more WPF resources and give some other directions for you to pursue in your learning of this pillar. With the release of .NET 3.0 in December, there has been a lot more activity on the web. Here are a few cool things to check out: Dominoken The British...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 01-30-2007
    Filed under: WPF, .NET 3.0, WPF/e
  • .NET 3.0 Crash Course - Part 7: WPF Animation and 3D

    The final frontier… This is the last set of WPF features that I want to cover before moving into a series of posts on Windows Workflow Foundation. Both animation and 3D are large areas when examined individually. In this post I would like to cover them both generally. Mostly, I will point out a number...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 01-08-2007
    Filed under: WPF, .NET 3.0, Xaml, Animation, 3D
  • WPF, UniveRSS(e) and The Panel

    Just a few weeks since the .NET 3.0 has been released and I feel a little dissapointed. I was expecting a lot of new amazing stuff popping up like a mushrooms after the rain, but no, it's a bit quiet like everyone is afraid of using the new .NET. Finally, I've found the very first cool thing today -...
    Posted to Lazy Developer by Jimmy on 12-06-2006
    Filed under: News, .NET 3.0, WPF
  • .NET 3.0 Crash Course - Part 6: WPF Styles and Control Templates

    Frequently, when building a UI, one finds themself setting various appearance related properties over and over again. For example, you may want all the label text in your app to be a bold Trebuchet 12px font. This is easy to do with css in a web app, but not as straight forward with WinForms. WPF recognizes...
    Posted to .NET & Funky Fresh by Rob Eisenberg on 12-03-2006
    Filed under: WPF, .NET 3.0, Control Templates
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