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  • Knockout for the XAML Developer is Live on PluralSight

    It was not even 2 months ago that I announced that my first plural sight course Html for the XAML developer went live and here I am to announce my 2nd course, Knockout for the XAML developer has gone live.  It is safe to save that I have been bitten by the Pluralsight bug as I am currently working...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 07-01-2013
    Filed under: XAML, WinRT, Windows 8, Knockout.js, Pluralsight
  • .NetRocks - Making the Transition from XAML to Html

    Recently I sat down as a guest with Richard and Carl on .Net Rocks and recorded a show on my experiences on migrating from XAML to HTML . Chatting w/ Richard and Carl is always great. In this episode we tried to focus on my experiences on moving from XAML to Html but when you have 3 guys w/ A.D.D. staying...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 05-21-2013
    Filed under: Announcement, XAML, WinRT, Typescript, Pluralsight
  • Windows 8 Development w/ C# and XAML – Video Shoot

    A while back I was commissioned to do a video series for Pearson Education. This series will be available on their site as well as on Safari online in the near future. One of the unique things Pearson does for their videos is video headshots of you introducing your lessons, which by the way is way harder...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 03-22-2013
    Filed under: XAML, WinRT, Windows 8
  • How to use the Accelerometer in Windows 8 C#/XAML Applications

    This post is part of a mulit-part posting series on how to use some of the onboard device sensors in Windows 8 applications.  Other posts are: Light Sensor Gyrometer Sensor Inclinometer Sensor Accelerometer Sensor (this post) Most tablets and laptops these days have an array of sensors onboard the...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 01-27-2013
    Filed under: XAML, WinRT, Metro, Windows 8
  • Handling Resuming in your Windows 8 Applications

    Windows 8 applications (aka Windows Store applications) have 3 different life cycle states they can go through: Launching Suspending Resuming Handling both Launching and Suspending is pretty much covered out of the box but what if you need to resume from a suspended state?  In most normal scenarios...
    Posted to Derik Whittaker by Derik Whittaker on 01-26-2013
    Filed under: XAML, WinRT, Metro, Windows 8
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