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  • IT Samurai School coming soon...

    As if my life wasn't boring enough trying to get S#arp Architecture 1.0 out the door...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 05-03-2009
    Filed under: Architecture, C#, .NET, Software Development, SQL Server, Algorithms, Refactoring, NHibernate, Project Management, Test-Driven Development, Agile Development, MVC.NET, S#arp Architecture, DDD
  • S#arp Architecture: a new home, upgrades and a logo!

    To facilitate better integration with SVN clients, S#arp Architecture has been moved to Google Code at . Additionally, a discussion group has just been setup on Google Groups at to support use of the architecture...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 08-08-2008
    Filed under: Architecture, NHibernate, MVC.NET, S#arp Architecture
  • S#arp Architecture 0.7 now supports NHibernate 2.0 Beta 1

    S#arp Architecture 0.7 represents a major upgrade to the infrastructure of S#arp Architecture - but the overall architecture, with respect to application layering, remains the same. This release is far simpler to work with than previous versions while still providing plenty of flexibility. A huge thanks...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 07-10-2008
    Filed under: Architecture, NHibernate, S#arp Architecture
  • S#arp Architecture upgraded to ASP.NET MVC Preview 3

    S#arp Architecture has been upgraded for compatibility with ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 and Spring.NET 1.1.2.. A big thanks goes out to Adam Cooper and Frank Laub for assisting with this effort. S#arp Architecture, an architectural framework for developing applications with ASP.NET MVC, Spring.NET and NHibernate...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 06-10-2008
    Filed under: Architecture, NHibernate, MVC.NET, Spring.NET
  • S#arp Architecture: ASP.NET MVC with NHibernate

    To skip to the chase... It wasn't too many years ago that I used to state quietly that I was a Microsoft web developer. Inevitably, a Java developer would hear my whisper and begin laughing hysterically as I cowered away from defending Active Server Pages...
    Posted to Billy McCafferty by Billy McCafferty on 04-21-2008
    Filed under: Architecture, NHibernate, Featured, MVC.NET, Spring.NET
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