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  • Refresh Database–Speed up Your Development Cycles

    Refresh database is an workflow that allows you to develop with a migrations framework, but deploy with SQL files. It’s more than that, it allows you to rapidly make changes to your environment and sync up with other teammates. When I am talking about environment, I mean your local development environment...
    Posted to Rob Reynolds - The Fervent Coder by Rob Reynolds on 12-12-2012
    Filed under: NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate, RoundhousE, Tools, .NET, EntityFramework
  • AppHarbor - Azure Done Right AKA Heroku for .NET

    Easy and Instant deployments and instant scale for .NET? Awhile back a few of us were looking at Ruby Gems as the answer to package management for .NET . The gems platform supported the concept of DLLs as packages although some changes would have needed to happen to have long term use for the entire...
    Posted to Rob Reynolds - The Fervent Coder by Rob Reynolds on 02-16-2011
    Filed under: NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate, RoundhousE, HowTo, UppercuT, Development, Git, Tools, .NET, Agile, Gems, Challenge
  • NHProfiler - An Early Look

    Over the past week I've had the distinct opportunity to have a first-hand look into NHProf , Ayende's upcoming profiler for NHibernate .  It's been an honor to be part of the team that is putting NHProfiler through its paces.  While NHProfiler is still in private beta it is very...
    Posted to Tim Barcz by Tim Barcz on 12-09-2008
    Filed under: NHibernate, NHProf, Tools
  • Analyzing NHibernate.dll with NDepend

    I'd like give a big thanks to Patrick Smacchia for offering me a free license for NDepend , a code analysis tool. I've spent the past couple days experimenting, watching tutorial videos , reading his articles, and running the tool against my work project and also NHibernate , for which I am an...
    Posted to The Bolla Blog by Jim Bolla on 12-01-2007
    Filed under: Featured, tools, NDepend, NHibernate, metrics

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